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Artful Listeners Online Therapy, 
Autumn 2020

We are very pleased to announce the premier of our new online mental health clinic, Artful Listeners! Our new tele-health practice offers services with all-star level licensed clinicians.

Hi, this is Michael Courter, founder of Artful Listeners and owner of Courter Counsel, my private counseling practice. I personally am exceptionally happy with and humbled by the skill, warmth and intuition of these therapists and I’m sure we have a clinician perfect for you. Combined with highly technical training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and many other treatments, these therapists are capable of having a remarkably positive impact in the lives of their clients and in our community.  

Like my fellow therapists at Artful Listeners, I continue to research and study the most impactful psychological theories available. It is this focus on our continuing studies and comprehensive training that allows our therapy clinic to offer exceptional and varied mental health services. In addition to offering full scope DBT, I personally will be offering Emotionally Focused couples/family therapy, as well as therapies derived from Transaction Analysis and the Polyvagal Theory of the autonomic nervous system. 

So in the spirit of healing, I would like to officially welcome and invite you to participate with Artful Listeners and/or refer those persons in your life that would benefit from a friendly, supportive, creative, consistent, and non-judgemental ear.

- Michael Courter


The Art of Listening

The  Chinese Character for Listening

The Chinese word for 'Listen' shows the many parts needed to fully engage in active listening. The eyes, ears, heart & mind, each giving undivided attention.

This is our standard of practice at Artful Listeners.


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